Welcome to the FashionsPlus USA Contest page! Periodically, we will be providing easy, quick ways for you to win amazing FashionsPlus USA products. By simply filling out the below survey, you will be helping us create a better user experience for everyone who visits our online store. In appreciation of this, we will be selecting one winner from those who were kind enough to participate at the end of the contest date. Within 5 days of the contest ending, a winner will be selected and contacted to receive their free prize ( so don’t forget to provide your email) :] Please do us a favor by reviewing a few pages of our site and leave a short comment at the end of the contest page about our site and product,prices, if you feel we need to make any changes please let us know and we will review the area you are speaking about and see if we can make things better. We have a system that tracks the pages you are viewing so it will make it easy for us to key in on any issues that we might need to change. Thank you for visiting and filling out our form. Hope to see you visiting again in the near future.

Current Contest:

Win a Free Fuzu! The winner can pick out any Color of Fuzu you like on and have them for free! Check Out FashionsPlus USA Fuzu Here! The more pages and items you review, the higher chance of winning you have. Just a note about our contest system, it tell us on each contest form how many pages your reviewed on our site and if no pages are reviewed it shows you just filled the form out and reviewed none of our product pages, so please spend 2-3 minutes looking at product. Please let us know if you think we should make any changes to our site if so. Thank you, Fashions Plus USA

Contest Dates:

January 23rd, 2017 thru May 30th, 2017

Contest Details:

Fill out and submit the survey below to be automatically entered in to win a free Fuzu! The winner will be contacted by email, so please don’t forget to provide one. Thank you for your help in improving our business. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Please note, that if any questions are left with their “default” or “pick a number” option, you survey will be considered incomplete and will not qualify for the contest.


Special thank you to and Contestgirl for showcasing our contest.